Rock Your Bod Fitness Tracker

You want the healthy fit bod, but commitment? could use a little help. 

There's always someone else that needs your attention, a to do list to be done, or some place to be. How can you find the time to take care of you?

But it's not just about the way you look...

You want to feel confident, sexy, energetic, excited, and grateful

Download my simple, easy, effective wellness tracker. 

Have a Plan for Success... then DO IT!

  • Move your body
  • Hydrate yourself
  • Fuel yourself with good nutrition
  • Cultivate gratitude & abundance
  • Celebrate your wins
  • Refine your struggles
  • Set your priorities for the day
  • Start with focusing on you

You deserve this!  

As a mom, I know it can be stressful to manage it all. But you deserve to take care of yourself too.

My Story

I'm Renae, a mama of 3 and was wiped out, exhausted, and frustrated. 

I never took time for me. 

I always put others first. 

My to do list was endless.  

I was constantly nagging at the kids.  

Monster mama was truly alive and well in our house! I'd go to bed each night just wishing I could trade my days with someone else.  

I was DONE! 

The simple act of saying "yes, you deserve a little self care" can make the biggest change. It was the small changes that made the difference. And you deserve that too.