Looking for the Secrets to a Simplified & Joyful Life?

  • Journey with me for 30 days to living life with less clutter in your space, your time, and your mind
  • Spend your time relaxing, laughing, reading a book, or just drinking a cup of coffee without reheating it 13 times. 
  • Create space & time for YOU without feeling selfish or that you are neglecting your family or friends
  • Believe that your worth is NOT based upon the amount of things you get accomplished in a day
  • Learn to say NO to that which you don't love so that you can say YES with crazy enthusiasm for that which you do love
  • Let go of the hustle & embrace simplicity

Me + My Story

Nearly two years ago, I was an exhausted postpartum mama with 3 kids under the age of 5. I was working part time, shuffling around my husband who was on driving restrictions from seizures caused from the tumor, and still trying to keep up with the day to day of life. I literally was exhausted! My house was a mess, my kids were a mess...and let's be real....I was a mess. I was tired of constantly cleaning and beyond that I was just tired of constantly going. I just wanted to slow down. I wanted to be able to enjoy life with my kids and wake up feeling excited about my day. And I did it....I've made some major shifts in my life. Living simpler. Loving more. Living fully. And I want to share that with you. xoxo- Renae

Join me for 30 days

  • Exclusive accountability & community support 
  • 30 day Step by Step Checklist & Journal 
  • Identify your top 5 priorities & actually make them priorities in your life 
  • Weekly Declutter Checklists for the Kitchen, Office, Bedrooms, and Kids' Spaces 
  • Daily check off 5 household sanity saving to-do's
  • 2 video modules each week covering our emotional attachment to stuff, the secrets to getting what you want, the reasons why we need to declutter and create space, how you can get rid of the to do list, how do you get the kids on board, and more.
  • My GO TO resources, tools, & strategies to make life simpler, your house cleaner, & enjoy life more!

Simplicity illuminates the you inside that is longing to be released. The YOU that wants to thrive. The you that longs to love your life. The most beautiful soul emerges when we clear the clutter....when we clear the hustle of this world and find space.....Begin living with abundance....abundance of time, space, energy....freedom  


  • Clear the Stuff Checklists for the bathroom and sentimental stuff. (Value $15)  
  • Secret tips for saving kids artwork, pictures & heirlooms (Value $7)
  • My Life Changing Morning Routine Checklist (Value $13)